Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Sister is Held Even Closer

I have been following the story of Stephanie and Christian for a couple of months now, but wanted to share this article with those of you who may not have heard of them:


I read Stephanie's blog and her sister Courtney's blog first thing every morning, and sometimes again in the evening. I have cried over their posts and pray for their family every day. I am drawn to this story for so many reasons:

1. I admire so many things about the way Stephanie mothers her children. She focuses more on loving them and spending quality time with them than the household chores. I want to be like that.

2. I admire her sisters for their bravery and the way they have rallied around them in their time of need. I want to be like that.

3. I love how Stephanie and Christian, after so many years of marriage, would still dress up for each other, court each other, kiss each other, they just cherished each other. I want to be like that.

4. I love how this family is so good at loving and appreciating each other and seek to find joy in the simplest of things. I want to be like that.

5. I am amazed at how this family have relied so much on the faith and prayers of strangers, and have been so gracious in how they have handled this great trial. I want to be like that.

I guess their story just makes me stop and think of how much I love my sisters (my sister-in-laws included). It makes me think about the kind of mom and sister I want to be. It makes me so grateful for my mother, aunts, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers and all that they endured in raising me. It makes me think of the kind of wife I want to be.

I think the pregnancy hormones are turning me a little sappy... but their story just plain and simple makes me want to be better!


The Carroll's said...

I too, have been reading the Nie Nie dialogues and CJane Enjoy it. I cry EVERY time I read it. I know, everytime I will need a box of tissues at my side!

Congrats on the baby!! 3 months are going to go by way fast!

PS my word verification is: suppi

I thought it was pretty funny!

Sarah Rock said...

I need to read the whole post still but I know what you are talking about with the hormones. Love ya!