Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beach Baby

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, and we really wanted to do something outside. So, we decided to take Jasmine to the beach and introduce her to one of our favorite places. We weren't sure how it would go, but overall we would say it ended up being a great success.

Jasmine laying out and working on her tan... (Note to grandparents: Just kidding, she was bathed in SPF 50, no sunburn for this girl)...

Pretty girl in a goofy hat, but it did the trick, no sun in her eyes... We will definitely be going back!

I just had to put these up too... this is Jasmine taking a nap in her bouncy chair before church today. As you can see, she has kicked her blanket off, squirmed her way down in the chair to where she is showing us some belly, and her feet are hanging over the edge of the chair. We really need to get her sleeping in her crib!

Waking up is hard to do. Silly baby... that's all for now!

Friday, April 17, 2009

6 Weeks

Jasmine is already six weeks old and is changing in front of our eyes daily. She has a new toy that she absolutely loves. It is her Baby Einstein playyard and she can't get enough of hitting the rattles and making sounds. She's even figured out how to kick one of them with her feet.

We have also had her begin taking naps in her crib to get her used to sleeping there, with the hope that we will soon have her out of the bouncy chair in our room and in the crib in her room.

She is also holding her head up well enough now that we can turn her around in the Baby Bjorn so that she can see what is going on. This girl loves to go for walks and explore.

We have a checkup with the doctor next week... I can't wait to hear the official numbers. She has really started to put on weight and she has definitely gotten longer. What a big girl!


On Easter Sunday, we were able to bless our sweet baby Jasmine. My mom made her the most beautiful dress to wear. (For more on why we do this see here.)
Her aunt Sharon and cousin Hayliegh sent her this beautiful bracelet to wear with her beautiful dress.

The dress... my mom did such an amazing job. She is so talented!

We felt very blessed to have so many people come out to support our little family. The Ridges...

All of the grandparents and great-grandparents from my side of the family...

Patrick's family including his grandma who came all the way from Utah...

And of course all of my brothers and sisters (even the Arizona ones) and little Maddie (we missed you Gwynne) including our future brother-in-law Bryant...

And one last picture of our girl in her beautiful dress with her uncle Derrick. We truly are blessed to have such a loving and supportive family.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Break

This last week, Patrick was on Spring Break from school. It was a much needed break. He had a really tough course load this last quarter on top of having a baby shortly before finals. So, we decided to head out of town for the week and go to one of our favorite places - Solvang. It is a small town near the Central Coast of Southern California.

On Tuesday we drove up to San Luis Obispo to spend the day with our friends John and Amy Brown and their cute family. They have two little boys and a sweet baby girl who was born one week before ours. We hung out, ate lunch, and went on a nature walk. We had a great time with them.

On Wednesday, we hung around town and did some shopping. Later in the day we hiked up to a waterfall that is nearby.

On Thursday, we drove up to San Simeon and did the garden tour at Hearst Castle. This was the only tour that I had not gone on yet. The grounds are beautiful and we could not have asked for better weather that day.

On Friday, we went out to Monty Robert's horse ranch and did a little self guided tour. For those of you who don't know, Monty is also known as "The Horse Whisperer", some of you may have read the book or seen the movie. He has a beautiful ranch and it was a very peaceful place. Later that day we did a little tour of the mission there in Solvang.

A few baby shots... Jasmine all dressed up for a dip in the hot tub. Her cousin Maddie sent her this swimsuit once she grew out of it.

Our big girl sitting up so big and tall... she has changed so much in the last month.

Saturday we headed home. We felt so lucky to be able to enjoy one another's company and go on our first official family vacation. Jasmine did incredibly well and didn't seem to mind being hauled all over one bit. We look forward to more trips like these in the future.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

One Month

I can't believe that our darling baby girl has already been with us for 4 weeks. It has flown by! She has changed so much already. Her cheeks are getting so chubby and she is getting a double chin. Her legs are filling out and she has already grown longer, I just know it. We have been working on trying some new things with her and some have been better received than others.

She will go in her swing... as long as she is happy. She originally only spent 5 mins in it before crying, but now she can stay in for more like 15 - 20 minutes - long enough for me to take a shower.

She isn't a big fan of pacifiers. We have tried 4 different kinds now, but with no luck. She is already showing signs of being a very independent girl. She insists on trying to help hold her bottle.

She is starting to smile. I have tried to catch a good one on camera, but it is hard. Here are a few... it cracks me up how different they all are.

She is starting to lock onto objects better with her eyes and will track them back and forth. She loves to look at the light outside. She really seems to enjoy being outside in general. We go on walks almost every day and have taken her on a couple of hikes, and she seems happy as can be. On that note, she loves her Baby Bjorn - or we love her Baby Bjorn. It is a baby carrier, where she lays against the front of you. She can spend hours in it and won't fuss, because she is close to her mom or dad.

She also finally got to meet her cousin Maddie. Maddie is about 7 months older and will be able to teach Jasmine so many things. I imagine they may also get into some trouble together too, but what are cousins for? Maddie seemed so happy and excited to meet her first Milloy cousin.

I saved the best for last. She seems to have her days and nights straightened out for the most part. And as of the last few nights, she will sleep for a 3 - 4 hour stretch, which means a much happier and more well rested mom. We love her so much and are so grateful to have her with us. It feels like she has always been ours, and we are just grateful she is finally here!