Friday, April 17, 2009

6 Weeks

Jasmine is already six weeks old and is changing in front of our eyes daily. She has a new toy that she absolutely loves. It is her Baby Einstein playyard and she can't get enough of hitting the rattles and making sounds. She's even figured out how to kick one of them with her feet.

We have also had her begin taking naps in her crib to get her used to sleeping there, with the hope that we will soon have her out of the bouncy chair in our room and in the crib in her room.

She is also holding her head up well enough now that we can turn her around in the Baby Bjorn so that she can see what is going on. This girl loves to go for walks and explore.

We have a checkup with the doctor next week... I can't wait to hear the official numbers. She has really started to put on weight and she has definitely gotten longer. What a big girl!

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Sarah Rock said...

Oh! She is so cute. It is already hard to remember Chloie at 6 weeks. I have lots of pictures though so no worries. Good luck at the Docs.