Monday, May 19, 2008

Our Garden

Patrick and I feel so fortunate to have a front porch and backyard, while living in an apartment in Orange County. It is pretty unusual to have much of a yard in this area, even living in a home, so we feel very fortunate. Patrick has been hard at work on growing grass in the backyard and the lawn is looking great. We even bought him a lawnmower. He was so excited! We decided a few months ago we also wanted to grown a garden on the front patio. So for a few Saturdays we worked on pulling all of the overgrown bushes, removing years of adandoned trash, and planting our little garden. We really had low expectations and weren't expecting much to grown, but three weeks later look what has popped up:


Green Beans



The Patio

Also not pictured here are carrots and watermelons. Notice the little table set in the picture... that was a gift from my sweet husband for Mother's Day. It was a "future mother of his children present". Who knew? I didn't think I qualified for a gift. Anyhow, we are grateful for the opportunity to work together on a project like this. The first thing I do when I get home at night is see how things have grown and water. You wouldn't think 24 hours makes that big of a difference, but some days I am amazed. We should have some very yummy fresh salad ready to eat just in time for Summer. Stay tuned to see how our garden grows.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Go Lakers!!

So as a surprise early birthday present for Patrick, I tracked down some tickets to Game 5 of the playoffs - Lakers vs Jazz at the Staples Center. We had such a good time! The game was close the whole time and the fans were absolutely going nuts. The last two minutes of the game, the whole building was shaking from people cheering so loudly. Just in case you didn't catch the score, they won. Go Lakers!!

Here we go

Well, after much encouragement from friends I have decided to join the blogging world. More to follow soon.