Sunday, July 19, 2009


So it has been a while since I've posted, and it's because we've had quite a bit of change in the last month. I will hit some of the highlights. Some of you know that we were going to buy a home in Beaumont, but decided to back out. So, on 4th of July weekend, we moved to Yucaipa instead. It is so nice to be so close to family!

Uncle Derrick came to visit...
Uncle Bennett graduated from the Paramedic program. We are so proud of him! He has worked really hard for this. We think Gwynne should get to be an honorary medic as well, for all of the loving support she has given him in the last year.

We got a new ride... we are now a 3 Toyota family.

I (Jenn) had knee surgery. Things went really well and I am in very little pain. It has been so great to have family close by to help out!

We love our new place and are really happy with where we are and how things are going. Life is good!

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Palazuelos Family said...

YAY for the Corolla...good time good times!!!!