Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's a miracle...

We are starting 2009 off right - I have already accomplished my one and only resolution. Patrick and I finally have the internet at our house. It's about time! Now I have no excuse. Going forward, I should be better about updating this blog - for real.

Since last we talked... We spent Christmas with family and really enjoyed ourselves. Patrick and I both had that aweful cold that is going around, but we are both finally over it. This last weekend we went to Arizona to hang out with Brandon, Kim, Maddie, and Laura and we had a blast. Patrick started school on Monday; he has got a pretty full schedule this quarter. We are going to Childbirth Classes every Thursday night for the month of January - they're not as bad as I imagined they would be. And we have 45 days until our little girl is due to make her arrival. In the next two and a half weeks I have 3 baby showers coming up and I couldn't be more excited!! Since so many of you have requested it, I've decided to go ahead and grow a massive baby belly for your viewing pleasure at the showers. Aren't I kind!?! I will post pictures... one of these days.

We are so excited about 2009 and all of the exciting new things it is going to bring for our family! Happy New Year!

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Palazuelos Family said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY...Im so excited you will be a "regular" blogger now!:)