Saturday, November 22, 2008

98 days!

I can't believe there are only 98 days left until our little girl's due date. In some ways it seems I've been pregnant forever, at other times it seems like it's flown by. In another week, I will officially enter my third trimester. I still don't look that pregnant, and other than having the stomach flu this last week, I still feel pretty good. Being in the double digits makes it seem like she will be here in no time at all - especially with the holidays.

More than anything it makes me feel like I have so much to do! I need to finish her room for starters, finish getting things put away from our move, get into some childbirth classes, and get all of the stuff together she is going to need. If she came today we would be found lacking even the most basic equipment. She must stay inside and cook for a while longer!

That's what is on my brain at the moment. Everyone have a great Turkey Day this next week. Be safe going wherever it is you're going and enjoy the wonderful togetherness with the people you love. We will be headed off to St. George to be with Patrick's mom's family. Gobble gobble!

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Jill Land said...

Congratulations on being prego and for making it so far. For some reason, girls like to snuggle up inside their mommies more than boys do, so when pregnant with a girl, you don't show as much (just ask Sarah, I totally called it when she was pregnant!). I am so happy for you guys. Babies add so much to your marriage, you gain lots of perspective and joy. Congrats! And good luch with labor and delivery (just one word of advice ... EPIDURAL). Enjoy the experience without all of the pain!