Monday, August 9, 2010

Wedding #3

The weekend after the Utah wedding, Patrick's brother Jacob married Amy. We love these two so much and were so excited for them!! They were married at The Reef, a restaurant in Long Beach. It was a beautiful day and a lovely ceremony. Jasmine had a lot of fun. This was the only picture I got of Jasmine before she ditched her headband.

Patrick was the best man and looked very handsome!

Jasmine absolutely had a blast dancing the night away! She loved every minute of it... I will have to post the video. I had no idea she could move like that. It was a great day!


Billy and Katie said...

that can't be Jasmine. I just saw her and she was a baby... you've posted pictures of a little girl!

IrishColleen said...

You two have the most adorable baby girl! And tell Jacob congratulations! I'm planning on coming out next summer with Joe and the baby - can't wait to meet Jenn and Jasmine!