Saturday, January 16, 2010

Major Catchup

So I was having trouble downloading the pictures from my camera, and what is a post without pictures? But the problem seems to have resolved itself, so here we go - it's very long!

On December 15, I was laid off from Centex Homes. No worries though, things have all worked out and I began my new job at City of Corona on January 6. I am really enjoying the people and what I will be doing there. As always, Heavenly Father has been aware of our needs and taken great care of our little family.

On December 16, we left to head out to Arizona to see Laura graduate from nursing school. She worked so hard and we are so proud of her! We know she is going to make a great nurse.

Jasmine was very excited, as you can tell!

Jasmine dazzled in a couple of adorable Christmas outfits this year (thanks Katie). We took a family picture for a Christmas card, but they never made it in the mail - so here you go! Things just got a little haywire with school and work and traveling, etc. We will do better next year.

We spent Christmas Day with lots of family. Jasmine seemed to througly enjoy the idea of opening presents and found that it really is much easier to do from on top of the present. She loved all of her gifts and we are so grateful that people are so generous!

Love the matching cousin pjs...

The day after Christmas we left for a week and a half long trip to Utah. The first part of the trip we stayed with Patrick's grandma. It snowed for two days while we were there and Jasmine loved the white powder! Of course, Patrick had to build a snowman. Jasmine really enjoyed getting to know her great grandma Marshall and lots of other relatives that live in Utah.

Four generations in this picture...

After his grandma's house we left for Midway, Utah to spend a couple of days snowboarding with the Milloy siblings. I did not take a single picture, which should tell you what a great time we were having. The snow was powder, the resort was absolutely beautiful, and it was just a relaxing time for everyone!

We had a wonderful time just spending time together as a family. Now it is back to reality - I am back to work with very long 12 hour days and Patrick is back to a very challenging quarter at school. If you made it all the way to the end of this post - I AM IMPRESSED!!

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